FPC Open Season

The Open Season

Our project objective is to provide expedient economic relief to thermal markets located along Fairbanks Pipeline Company's primary and secondary pipeline corridors by 2014, by supplying affordable natural gas to ready and willing load centers using proven, economic pipeline transportation methods.

Energia Cura conducted the non-binding open season in behalf of the Fairbanks Pipeline Company.  Participation in this first phase of the open season process is non-binding for all partaking entities.  The second phase of FPC's open season will conclude by acquiring commitments (binding condition precedent agreements) from Alaskan load centers to purchase bundled gas volumes at a predetermined price to include both the gas and its transportation.  Consequently, FPC will acquire gas commodities at their source and retain custody of these commodities until custody is transferred to Clients at their plants' (load center) curb.

FPC's open season procedures follow international standards that identify market demand prior to its establishing the design of its pipeline system.  Correspondingly, the design criteria for FPC's intrastate natural gas pipeline system will be based on its total gas volumes nominated through the NBOS.  When this final design criteria is set in March, 2011, FPC will be able to credibly determine its final cost of service (COS) required to enter into negotiations for establishing condition precedent binding agreements.  Negotiations with gas producers for the acquisition of gas commodities started in September and are expected to conclude by March, 2011.  Since FPC's offering to Interior load centers is a "bundled service", the commodity fundamentals, (or the cost of the gas commodities), also need to be determined prior to entering into FPC's binding open season.  FPC's correspondence record with Producers are provided below.

FPC may elect to proceed with its Project without holding a subsequent Binding Open Season (BOS).  FPC may elect to initiate discussions with Interested Parties (IPs) submitting non-binding bids herein to execute Binding Condition Precedent Agreements more expediently than a BOS permits.  The NBOS target groups include those IPs interested in securing firm, bundled natural gas service of >0.25 bcf per annum and NGL supplies > 10,000 gal/ per annum.  At its sole discretion, and not on an unduly discriminatory basis, FPC may elect to consider requests received after the close of its NBOS period, which occured at 8 a.m. GMT, on October 1, 2010, including valid appeals to modify initial non-binding bid offer(s).

Open Season Documents

1.0 Table of Contentspdf file 8/16/10 Current
2.0 2-NBOS Standard Packagepdf file 8/16/10 Partially Dated*
Attachment A Indicative Interest Formpdf file 8/16/10 Current
Attachment B Natural Gas Physical Propertiespdf file 8/16/10 Current
Attachment C NBOS notification letter to State Officialspdf file 8/23/10 Current
Attachment D FPC Primary Transmission Milepostspdf file 8/16/10 Current
Attachment E August 26, 2010 Press Release_No. 1pdf file 8/26/10 Current
Attachment F Open Season Rules of Conductpdf file 8/16/10 Current
Attachment G MAP of Primary Transmission Pipelinepdf file 8/16/10 Current
Attachment H Fox Terminus Aerialpdf file 8/16/10 Dated*
Attachment I Confidentiality Agreementpdf file 8/16/10 Current
* 10" line changed to 12", Terminus moved from Fox to North Pole

Open Season Results to Date

3.0                   Latest FPC Gas Nomination Curvepdf file 11/5/10 Update Pending*
* Awaiting further nominations