Market Watch

Our most recent natural gas and energy market intelligence:

Market Watch - January 25, 2011 Editionpdf file
Market Watch - December 6, 2010 Editionpdf file

Recent articles of interest on gas & energy markets:

Article 1 O&GJ, Surging Chinese Gas Demandpdf file 12/13/10
Article 2 Compendium of Recent Market Intelligencepdf file (various dates)
Article 3 CBT Intelligence Reporter, Game Changer – Shalepdf file                  6/25/09
Article 4 The Wall Street Journal, Waining Coalpdf file 9/13/10

Recent reports of interest on gas and energy markets:

Report 1 EIA, Gas Price to Consumers through 6/10pdf file 6/2010
Report 2 EIA, Well Head Gas Prices through 6/10pdf file 6/2010
Report 3 Navigant, Consumer Savings from Gas Price Declinepdf file 2/12/10
Report 4 ANGA Gas Price Stabilitypdf file 7/6/10
Report 5 CERA, Fueling North America’s Energy Futurepdf file 8/16/10
Report 6 FERC, State of the Markets Reportpdf file 4/15/10
Report 7 Congressional Research Service, Displacing Coal with Gaspdf file 1/19/10
Report 8 EPP, Midwest Marketing & Shale Productionpdf file 6/29/10
Report 9 MIT, The Future of Natural Gaspdf file 6/23/10
Report 10 Loren Scott & Associates, Economic Impacts of Shale in Louisianapdf file 4/2010
Report 11 API, Economic Impacts of the Marcellus Shalepdf file 7/14/10
Report 12 ANGA, Shale Gas Breakthroughpdf file 8/24/10